And then

Sorry about that last post. It wasn't-- I didn't mean to.

I'm good. I'm well. Happy.

Smiling. Not looking outside. Maybe do something on rainbows or something next, so there's more colour. Haven't seen any other colours than red and black and white and grey for a while. My eyes are starting to hurt.

I'm happy. Have I said that yet? Oh, I have.

I want to go home.

Listening to music, really loud, all upbeat. Happy. Smiling. What do you do to stay happy? What do you do to stay happy when you've got nothing left?


  1. What makes me stay happy? Pictures of small children having fun on a playground. Like this one:


    Doesn't that make you feel better?

    And remember, home is where the heart is. So as long your heart is still inside you and not ripped out by a menacing, faceless abomination, you're fine.

  2. You don't. You stay distracted.

  3. Play videogames?

    if i may, who was the person who did the last post?

  4. Spot: I'm not sure I even want to comment on that. Whatever floats your boat.

    Overmatter: There's not much to distract around here.

    John: I did the first half, and the second half was just some asshole. Ignore it.