shut up dad

There's no food left in here

He told us there would be food for years, but that only meant we'd be here for years. The world outside is grey and dead and the trees are whispering. Can you hear it? The lights are going out already, trying to use less power, but in every corner the little red blinking lights. Eyes are watching me. And the faceless man-- did I tell you about him? I could have been safe, I could have survived. But he saw the faceless man, not just dad, and that pulled me in. On the edge of an abyss

you you you and the other people working for him, was this supposed to be some sort of protracted overly complicated vengeance? Were you trying to save yourselves?

I'm going to die here and it's completely meaningless. Is it even worth trying to stay away? Trying to smile?

But the smile keeps the tall man away and i'd rather burn to death than die at his hands to die starving with a grin on my face
so be happy for a few days more

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  1. Charlie, you need some food some how! The faceless man won't go for an easy kill, and will stop anyone else who will because in the faceless man's eyes, he wants to torment you more first. even if your bastard parent works with mr. Thin, mr. Thin won't let anyone else but himself kill you.
    Are those lights you are talking about are they cameras?

    Parent! You sick excuse for a human, if you are a human anymore, bringing the faceless man into anything for vengeance is not right. You know what he is capable of and you sent that on your own son. I hope this makes you feel better you sick piece of meat, because it's making everyone else hate you.

    And mr. Thin. Im expecting an answer from you in any way. Even if you come to get me, at least I know that Charlie can have a day off. You and parent sicken me.

    Hang in there Charlie!