the end

I tried. I really did. you're a little black sheep come into the fold, come into the fold, come
 into the fold, come into the fold
But I can't try anymore. I can't sleep, there's no food, there's no water, no air. ran out of morphine yesterday. I saw Amy outside. and there's no knight to be found to battle with the white king. I'm not a piece on the board, I'm a carcass. A meal. Nothing. Trying to smile, but I'm dead and it's not going to work anymore. Just spent so long trying to smile, trying to keep my chin up, but it doesn't work. Nothing works. I thought it was working. Just keep yourself smiling, happy, keep his thoughts out and happy thoughts in. it didn't work.
poor little lost lamb come into the fold
Dad didn't want it to work anyway. He wants me to die, it's why I'm out here. dead innocent people, on the dollar of some of the richest and most powerful people in the world. and I watched them scream. John from California, he was a plumber, he made less than minimum wage because he worked out of a poor neighbourhood, or Cathrine who was a mom and didn't have any reason to be out here apart from a blood test and a psych test and the promise of a reward. and the reward was someone else's life. Her daughter's life. His brother's life. My lover's life. we don't even know if it was worth it. They died, took their own lives. And I took some of them, I didn't want to, but the blood, and the screaming, and the ones who are outside and tapping and nobody deserved going outside. there was this guy and I'm all alone now the walls closing in and I had to stay happy I drew on the walls I had to stay happy forever and ever or he'll keep me for eternity and who knows what he'll do to me. who knows what he'll do to me.

come into the fold

it's not going to stop. You all know that. it's getting faster. The tempo is gettingfaster. the corners are closing. the dark corners of the earth are getting closer and darker, he is digging his roots in and we cannot stop it. he has you already. at the back of your head, that ticking is speeding up. innocent people are dead. smile or you are dead. or you're dead anyway. all the pretty songs, all the little dances. they're playing outside. and I saw the tall man upstairs. that's why this is the end. he's coming to me, or I'm going to him. and I'm going to him. You win, dad. I'm dead. and I'm going to die lonely, hungry, thirsty, tired, sick, angry, sad, and unhappy. You win. My name is Charlie Green and I changed my life to get away from you and you still beat me. I spent three years working with Doctors without Borders to get away from you and you still beat me. I smiled and I was kind and I did all I could to get away from you and you still beat me. Congratulations. have a balloon. does love matter to you? Did it ever matter? Or is that why you've stripped everything from me. I'm going to die unloved. I'm going to die. but this is it. 
the slaughter
it's dark outside, and grey, and there are trees. big ones, with twisted roots, and eyes that peer out of the fog. and there are shadows outside. they look like people I knew. I can't tell if that's my mind or what reality is now. isn't my mind what reality is? tapping on the window pane, don't you want to come outside Charlie? it hurts out here, but at least that's something. and there are plenty of people. go and play, Charlie. you will scream, but your voice will be with others, together forever in agony. or maybe not. go on, Charlie, let him into your head. but he's already inside my head.
will keep you
I'm sorry I didn't survive. Ad- no. Never mind. I'm sorry. time to go I think. sunshine and roses and raindrops and kittens and blood and gone


Grimace rictus grin

Grimace rictus
rictus grin
I'll smile the smile of the dead
one more shot of morphine
no painkillers after
only the grin and the paintings I drew
I drew all over the walls pretty happy pictures because I'm smiling
keeping him out
tentacles reaching in at the corners
but they'll stay away

running on empty
rictus gaping grin of the mouth as of birds. birds?
grimace a facial expression, often ugly or contorted, used to express pain pain?I
rictus grimace grimace rictus
 my muscles hurt and I just want it all to end
but I want to go back home and grab a drink
think of home
think of bed
and smile

la la la little black sheep hmmm


shut up dad

There's no food left in here

He told us there would be food for years, but that only meant we'd be here for years. The world outside is grey and dead and the trees are whispering. Can you hear it? The lights are going out already, trying to use less power, but in every corner the little red blinking lights. Eyes are watching me. And the faceless man-- did I tell you about him? I could have been safe, I could have survived. But he saw the faceless man, not just dad, and that pulled me in. On the edge of an abyss

you you you and the other people working for him, was this supposed to be some sort of protracted overly complicated vengeance? Were you trying to save yourselves?

I'm going to die here and it's completely meaningless. Is it even worth trying to stay away? Trying to smile?

But the smile keeps the tall man away and i'd rather burn to death than die at his hands to die starving with a grin on my face
so be happy for a few days more



There were some questions asked in that last post. I can't answer them very well. My head is shot, my brain is fucked up. My memory doesn't work properly. There are images that my mind just slides away from. Now my hands shake, my body is unsteady, and I can't focus. Thoughts don't work, don't focus. The world hurts.

They took us somewhere, you know who. Dragged us out. We were tested for various things. We were supposed to be able to survive for a longer length of time in the area. It takes your mind, crawls out and in. Folds and unfolds. We started dying. We were all dead. I don't know where we are. I don't like to look outside. The trees bleed, and there is pus seeping out of the earth, and eyes amongst the branches. Sometimes there is singing.

He won't die. My 'parent'. Doesn't deserve the title. But he won't, he's too much of a bastard to. All of us who were taken to this place had significant others who had seen the tall man. None of us had seen him ourselves. We were all happy, content.

The tall man, the gentleman, he will kill without caring. But he's not supposed to get in here. Amy said I could keep him out. Keep an eye on the corners. But sometimes I think I see him, but he's not there. He couldn't be there.

I didn't save anyone else. They're all outside.


The Knife

She was right next to me, and everyone else was gone, and she could have survived. She was strong, she could have survived. I was losing it all trying to scrub Rob off the walls, and I could see him out the window and he wanted me to go and play. The blood was everywhere, they were all dead, and Amy was surviving. She could have survived.  But she saw the others, they were outside, they were dead, tapping on the window, but they were dead. I couldn't handle it. I couldn't.

I'm sorry. I'm sorry I'm sorry I'm sorry.

I mean, the knife was in my hand, I was going to bleed myself out, throw myself into the fire, I was going to make sure there was nothing left, I was going to die, I needed to die, I deserved to die, because I didn't save them, I'm a doctor, I didn't save any of them and I was supposed to but they were bleeding they were bleeding everywhere and nineteen year olds aren't supposed to be dead thirty year olds aren't supposed to be dead. Not supposed to die far from home, far from families, far from lovers, far from parents and siblings and sons and daughters. Not supposed to die empty and mad. And I had the knife to my hand and she took my hand and she said she said I had to kill her

no she didn't I'm just a murderer

the knife was in my hand

She put the knife against her neck and told me to watch the corners

I put the knife against her neck, but she asked me to, she said she wanted to die, but she couldn't kill herself. She said she wanted me to live.

No yes

She let me put the knife and I felt her blood and I burned her body but I saved her because the body was burned and she couldn't become like what happened to the others. See the tall man, he takes their bodies and he captures them and they scream forever. She's saved, she's not like the ones outside, she doesn't want me to die and go with them so I can't die, because Amy is safe. dead, dead and safe.

put the knife against her chest she bled I have to clean it all up have to clean the walls mr thin is coming to tea and he's so fussy so clean so surgical help me


Tell us about Amy.

Go on.

Tell us about the knife.



I'm okay. I'm okay. I'm happy and no I'm really not it's like the walls are always closing in I shot myself up with a painkiller. I tried to sort out my arm but the medical equipment here is covered in the blood of Ben and clogged up with his rotting skin and his crushed bones, almost completely unusable almost completely unusable. It's my left arm, and it's the bone, because it broke through the skin, and I had to try and set it back into place and I'm fucking terrified because if this gets infected I'm dead, I'd have to try and cut off my own arm or something and it'd kill me, the shock should have killed me anyway broken pretty badly. I set it back in and tried to stitch it up though. It's difficult trying to set your own bones, it's almost completely impossible and I can't remember how to care for bones when the skin is pierced properly, my brain is rotting in my skull, I can feel it, my head caving in though. I'm trying to stay happy, trying to keep up the facade, it's why I've got to make the negative stuff as hidden as possible, so I can't see it when I look at the blog, but it's not working, just a cry for help and I'm screaming and there's nobody around anywhere, unblinking eyes watching and whispering against me, cold words on a screen and that's all ignore m the guy who has been posting on here. It seems like he's got access to the blog so how the hell could you do this to your own child? I'm sure he'll take opportunities to fuck me over more fuck you fuck you fuck you "communicate" further.

As to why I fell down the stairs, I can't remember. I can't remember.

I can't remember I can' remember I can't remmember I can't i can't i can

I don't want to it makes everything just a hallucination he wasn't there. The tall man wasn't at the top of the stairs. I'm happy. If being happy doesn't keep him away I'm dead. Smiling. I'm dead.



Our Protagonist is currently bleeding at the bottom of a flight of stairs. Protagonist seems surprised by this.

If Protagonist stops the bleeding, you may get a post in the next few days, as well as a bit more explanation.

Protagonist hasn't quite figured out that we monitor all computer activity constantly. Protagonist is pretty dim.


Down the Stairs

When I was nine, I woke up in the middle of the night. Maybe I had a nightmare or something. I don't remember now. But the monster was there.

No, not him. My-- well.

He said he and mom were going out for a walk in the woods, and I should think hard about the guy with no face and hope he would come and take me away. For a while I wanted the man with no face to take me away because I was scared. I was a little kid. What else do you do? You think about being kidnapped. Running away. Getting away. I did. Fuck him, right.

That's what you spend all your childhood doing, then you grow up, and life moves on. Life was supposed to move on. And I never saw the man without the face when I was a kid, never, not even when my dad told me to. I'd pretend to because he wanted it, but I never did. Why am I here? Why won't he leave me alone?

He said they were going for a walk in the woods, and she never came back. I wonder if that's what they'll say about me? Went to sleep, and never came back.


And then

Sorry about that last post. It wasn't-- I didn't mean to.

I'm good. I'm well. Happy.

Smiling. Not looking outside. Maybe do something on rainbows or something next, so there's more colour. Haven't seen any other colours than red and black and white and grey for a while. My eyes are starting to hurt.

I'm happy. Have I said that yet? Oh, I have.

I want to go home.

Listening to music, really loud, all upbeat. Happy. Smiling. What do you do to stay happy? What do you do to stay happy when you've got nothing left?



Limericks are five line poems that make use of a complicated sounding strict meter to produce short, often witty or humorous, poems. The form was popularized by Edward Lear in the 19th century, and is considered to only be good if obscene.

Here are some examples I found on this website: 

There was an Old Man with a beard,
Who said, 'It is just as I feared!
Two Owls and a Hen,
Four Larks and a Wren,
Have all built their nests in my beard!'

There was an Old Man in a tree,
Who was horribly bored by a Bee;
When they said, 'Does it buzz?'
He replied, 'Yes, it does!'
'It's a regular brute of a Bee!'

There was an Old Man on a hill,
Who seldom, if ever, stood still;
He ran up and down,
In his Grandmother's gown,
Which adorned that Old Man on a hill.

The blog was on Happy Thinking
About a man who had taken up drinking
He's mad and a fool 
And a sweaty pustule
Whose sanity surely is sinking.

This Man was a total sad-sack
Whose passwords are easy to crack
Whether true or not
This is not worth a jot
It'd be best if you were all turning back

There was a Young Man with a blog
Who was lost in a terrible Fog
He was asked "Who are you?"
But he had not a clue
And was ever lost in the fog.




Does anyone know where I can find life's manager? Because Portal references are hilarious and are totally keeping my mind from this current situation. God they're just trying to help stop it. But how is anyone supposed to help?
See I wasn't joking when I said that lemons would be the next entry because while lemons themselves are not too happy they are yellow, which is a happy colour, and they clean things, and you can make lemonade and sherbert lemons and lemon meringue pie. You don't even like meringue. 

Lemons are a key ingredient in many dishes across the world and probably entered European consciousness in the first century AD. It probably came from a hybrid between the sour orange and le citron ohoho. 

Christopher Columbus introduced lemons to America in 1493.

Lemons have a use in aromatherapy as a mood enhancer, and are anti-bacterial due to their low pH.   

the halls are empty but for blood and the equipment we were supposed to use but I can't think about it or I'll end up like Ed. hide my pleas and laugh because otherwise I'm dead.

There was a restraining order you know, dad. 


See, not mad, I fixed it.

You see guys, I've been busy lately. Really really busy. Busy bee! Maybe the next post will be about bees haha~ oh god Because you see I had to try and clean up the blood because it's still all over the walls and if the faceless guy in the nice suit comes over for tea, well, he's going to be very put off. Nothing like an unclean home or prison to put someone off their tea. I mean it's so messy here, messy messy messy. So I had to fix it all up! All the blood off the walls. It was all over the kitchen. Ed wasn't very neat when he shot himself. He had two kids, he told me that he had two kids, and that his wife died and he was their only caretaker. But he had to shoot himself, you see, because it's only polite to kill yourself before the man comes. But his blood got all over the kitchen. Lysol didn't get it out and neither did the lemon soapy water or the bleach which really hurt my hands and I got chemical burns but then I tried the wire scrubbing brush and that didn't work either.

And then Ed was outside the window he was outside the window. Well I told him to not be outside the window, reason being, he is dead. My hands were all burned  and he said I could get rid of the blood if I cut the skin off my hands, so I tried it with my left hand it hurt worse why did I do it fuck. Anyway I've been busy since that only made more blood everywhere everyone is dead.

Next post will be about bees! Or soap. Or maybe even lemons! XD :D D D D ddddddfc  or there won't be another post god please help me someone please...



Smiling is the action of turning the corners of your mouth up, and it has many health benefits. Smiling relieves stress, boosts your immune system, lowers your blood pressure, releases endorphins, pain killers, and serotonin, and creates what is called the 'halo effect' which increases trust in others and aids interpersonal relationships.

Laughter is a response to stimuli that serves as an emotional balancing mechanism. Laughter is one of the only universal constants in language. It probably came about as a warning, evolutionarily; it was a way for early humans and the like to signal less than serious injuries. To say that someone got hurt, but it's not serious and it was their fault anyway, so no need to help, they'll pick themselves up. Laughter is needed for human survival since scientists think it is integral to the limbic system.

Positive psychology is the study of happiness and how people can be happy and what happiness is and if happiness is actually anything, I mean, what are emotions anyway. Stepping blocks. Blocks in the way. Locked doors. Keep the doors locked. Do not open the door.

It's odd, you know, all through childhood, you're told to be curious, to open doors, to read and learn and talk, just not to strangers, but what if the man isn't a stranger, or what if mommy introduces you to the man, and you're trying to resist it because you're a kid and despite what they might say kids can tell when it's wrong, but mother says he's safe and he's good and daddy says go with him, learn, discover, explore, what then? Do not open the door. Ignorance is strength. I hated Big Brother. I was an Orwell fan in high school. Down with the man, fuck the system, transparency, all of that. And I still want to believe that if only the truth was out there everything would be okay. But keep the door locked. Please.

I keep lying to myself and hoping it'll work.

Still can't sleep.


I'm not mad, I'm not, I'm not.

I'm happy and calm and I'm not scared or angry or sad, I'm happy. Happy as can be.

You lied again, you keep telling me that lie.

I'm not mad. Honestly.

But you keep telling me I am. Maybe I am.

But I saw outside. I saw the dark. I saw him. He was there.

But you'd think that if you were crazy. Wouldn't you?

I don't want to be mad.

I don't want to be alone.


This Little Piggy Stayed At Home

The conversation, as far as I can remember, went like this:

"40 acres firebombed," the pustule infested swine said, almost bouncing with enthusiasm as if he could feel joy. "Now we just drop down the facility and away you all go."

I glared at him.

"Well," he admitted with a grin and a wink, like a con man or a gameshow host stage whispering details about the 'big deal' or the 'chance of a life time', "We had to nuke it on top of the firebombing to keep it contained, you know? The radiation'll probably give you cancer, but it's not like you'll live to appreciate it."

"Why are you telling me this?"

"I loathe you. I love to see you suffer. And in any case, nobody'll believe you, even if your thoughts don't kill you first."

As far as I can remember that's what he said.

But I can't be sure.



Pandas! How could you not be happy looking at pandas! They're so cute and fluffy and silly and playful!
 The panda has become almost a symbol for China and shows up a lot on its coins, alongside dragons. Which is pretty epic. They live mostly on the lowlands and eat a lot of bamboo.
 Pandas! I mean how could they not keep you happy?
 Pandas! Unless you start thinking about them being killed and how there are only like three thousand left and even if they're on the rise there's not enough certainty for them to be moved from endangered to vulnerable. And how they can't adapt so they'll probably die out despite best efforts to the contrary. Yes. Don't think about that. Just think about how cute they are now..



Balloons are today's topic! Aren't they happy and zappy and bright? Balloons are really cool and really useful, used in meteorology, military defense and transportation, but I'll mostly be using pictures of happy rubber balloons.

Balloons can really brighten things up, can't they? They were most likely invented as a side effect of experiments to do with gases by Michael Faraday in 1824, and early balloons were made out of pig bladders!! Modern balloons are made of Latex which is apparently a vegetable.

The bang made when a balloon bursts is actually the sound of the latex popping back to it's pre-inflated size at the speed of sound.

In conclusion balloons are very pretty and colourful.


Not gonna take it

Fuck, they're outside my window again. No, I'm not going to join you, stay away from the window. George, stay away from the window.

I'm typing because how else is anyone going to hear the screaming? How else are you going to know, dad, that this is your damn fault.

I know I can beat this, I'm smart enough, that's why I'm here, right? Or was it just because I was never good enough for you, dad? If I had been better, if I had been worthy of your great, fantastic goddamn perfectness, would you have done this to me? Oh god you monster, you're as bad as they are. No, you're worse, dad, you're worse, because they got twisted and they didn't have a choice and their blood is on your hands and you've always had a choice you black and contorted corkscrew of a hellion, you sick, terrible, horrible entity. I hate you dad I hate you you you

I'm happy so happy 

The world is full of enough grotesquely cute and obsessively happy things to stave you away and to keep me happy, dad. The monster can't get me nothing is ever gonna get me again because I'm so goddamn happy, you hear me? So HAPPY. 

It's them. Again. Infection, I can taste it. Oh god. They aren't what they are, beckoning me to come and play, but I don't want to, it's not time. Please don't let me be that, god fuck christ no.

I can beat this, I'm stronger than this, I'll fucking show you I that am.



lloook at themmm so cute ssuch cutte annimmals

do theey not ressstore your faith the world is okayy


These are a few of my favourite favourite favourite things

Prozac with Buspar and Marplan with Serzone
wonderful white Wellbutrin and mighty Mazanor,
Packets of amphetamines tied up with strings,
these are a few of my favorite things.

Cream colored Pamelor or nortriptyline,
Norepinephrine reuptake inhibitors.
Seretonin receptor antagonizings.
these are a few of my favorite things.

Sympathomimetics and arecoline,
Serotonergics mostly phenethylamines,
Rauwolscine, yohimbine, entactogens,
these are a few of my favorite things.

When the world is drowning in fire,
when I'm feeling sad,
I simply "remember" my favorite things,
and then I don't feel so bad.

say can't you say the outside is a lie come inside we can hide out of reach
in a while I'd love to help you lose your mind come on lets go


Glasswing Butterflies~

These are so cool! You can see right through them!

 Their proper name is Greta Oto. In English they are called "Glasswing Butterflies" and in Spain their name is "espejitos", meaning "little mirrors".

They're found in Mexico and Panama, and Venezuela. There are other species found all over the world, including southern and eastern Africa.

The caterpillars eat toxic plants and the adult males use toxic plants to emit pheromones to attract females.



Mistletoe is a pretty plant.

It mostly grows in trees, but it also grows in bushes-- it's a hemi-parasitic plant, so it uses other plants to grow right. There are loads of different types of mistletoe, but the original one that was called "mistletoe" first came from Europe. Mistletoe might come from the old English word for basil, which is weird because mistletoe is toxic.

Mistletoe commonly reduces the growth of its host tree, or even kills it if the infestation it particularly heavy.

Mistletoe is often thought to be the Golden Bough of Aeneas in Roman and Greek mythology.  Mistletoe was also used to symbolize the "divine male essence." Why... I think can be figured out.

The Celts believed that to put mistletoe over the door of a house it'd protect the house from harm. The mistletoe had to be picked by a Druid with a golden sickle and couldn't be touched by human hands. The mistletoe above the door could "go off" and that'd bring bad luck on the house.

Mistletoe has to do with Christmas, and everybody loves Christmas, even the Christmases where you get a lump of coal and then your dad tells you Santa isn't real but the monster is, and your mother isn't there to correct him.

Yes. Everyone likes Christmas.

Uhh and also thanks to you people commenting. I can't even say how much it means to be in contact with people. Makes me happy!

So tired.



I'm too tired to talk about penguins. You know about penguins. Just pictures. Don't want to put anymore effort into this than..

Oh god him again. Fuck. Off.

I'm happy. I don't want to die. I'm happy.



Bubbles are indeed the happiest things on the earth! They're colourful and bright and really nice.

Bubbles made of soap blown into air of a temperature less than -15*C will freeze when they touch something.

Blowing bubbles was used for fun by Flemish people in the 1700s.
 God I need a drink. Can't have alcohol, it's a depressant. C2H5OH remember that guy in the ER? But it feels like just having a Spotted Cow would fix everything.
A company in Chicago started selling bubble solution in the 1940s and so modern bubble blowing began.

There are even bubbles in space, look!

 A bubble nebula that is it's

Spreading out into the darkness which clenches it's infinite and neverending grasp around the little lights because compared to him and how he moves even the stars are nothing that grasp that choking grasp and his hands that make their way into the little dark spaces everywhere into your closet or beneath the table or under the keys of the keyboard or behind your eyes in the little dark places in your head and he guides you to him whether you know him or not because he's there eyeless but watching and holding out his arms to hold you forever. He doesn't need to find you. He's already there. Watching me.

Fuck no I'm happy see, I'm writing and that's normal and I'm smiling so I'm happy, goddamnit I'm happy, see? You all see right? Raindrops and roses and whiskers on kittens and I whistle a happy tune so no one knows I'm scared cause if I pretend hard enough maybe I can fool him or myself or the outside or someone I'm happy happy joy joy


Cherry Blossoms

Cherry blossoms! Aren't they pretty?

Cherries are really interesting/important. They were first brought to Rome in 72 BC by Lucius Licinius Lucullus. They were later introduced to England by Henry the Eighth, who tasted them in Flanders. Turkey produces the most cherries in the world, with the United States not far behind. Pliny the Elder recognized that dried cherries have some health benefits.

Now as for cherry blossoms, well, they're really interesting and really important. Cherry trees have long, pretty limbs (unlike the trees around here, I mean, trees arent supposed to have handso r rottingfles hor or) really clean and shiny, though that might just be because people like cherry trees! Since they're so pretty, people tend to keep cherry trees in good condition.

Cherry trees are important in Japanese symbolism, because they mean ~love~. Seriously?

They also traditionally symbolize a beautiful life and a quick death, and are used in all sorts of Japanese media, including currency. This has led to thousands of poorly written Mary Sues having the name Sakura. Japan either needs apologies or needs to apologize! XD

In World War II, cherry blossoms were used to motivate the people and stir nationalism up, and cherry trees were planted like flags to claim territory for Japan.

Cherry blossoms!




Hedgehogs are the cutest things! The. Cutest. Things. Argue all you want, they just are. They try and run away rather than use their spines to attack other people. They're nocturnal and they can hibernate. If hedgehogs encounter a new scent, it will lick and bite the source, then form a scented froth in its mouth and paste it on its spines. Hedgehogs live 4-7 years in the wild, so they live pretty long for being so small. Hedgehog flavoured crisps have existed in England before.

Stephen Colbert made a video about threatening hedgehogs.

 Cute hedgehog spam!

As to yesterday.. Well, I can't talk about it, not until I get on some sort of substance. I can't be sad, you see, I mustn't be sad. I'm not sad. I'm happy.


Rabbits and Hares

I whip my hair back and forth, I whip my hair back and-

Okay, I'll stop now XD.

Hares are very fast! They sometimes 'box' each other where. Where the phrase.

Sorry. The phrase "mad as a March hare" may come from hares boxing each other. Hares and jackrabbits are basically the same thing, and... In African folk tales, the hare is a trickster, able to escape from bad guys and run away from monsters, which is probably why the stories about hares were retold by African slaves in the US. Okay, yeah, I'm a little out of it today, but that's okay, right?
There are legends about White Hairs which are all about tragic love and loss or witches who hunt for prey.... In Ireland people who harm hares are attacked by faeries. And yeah. Hares! Hares are fun!

Okay, rabbits!

Rabbits are prey animals but also symbolically rabbits are "Pray" animals! They're holy and giving and things... The rabbit also "sacrifices" his life for the predator, so in a sense it's like "service to others".

What else about rabbits? They're cute and domesticated and eat crunchy things. Bunnies! Cute little bunnies! Tiny little bunnies. Happy bunnies. Baby rabbits are called kittens or kits which is really cute! Wild ones live in burrows. In holes in the ground. Hiding from predators. But they're cute, see!

And don't think I can't see you, Mr "I don't have a face" just outside my window, because I can, and you can't touch me, you can't come in here, you can't get in my head because I'm happy I'm happy I'm happy.



I think that sometimes the happiest thing to think of is the person you love, even if sometimes.. sometimes it's also the thing that hurts the most. But this doesn't hurt because I can remember the one I love and I'm so in love, I'm so much in love, and it's alright, and it's a good thing, and it makes me happy. Just thinking about you makes me happy, not sad. Because I'm never sad. Because I'm happy. 


Turtles and Strawberries

Okay, so today I will be covering two subjects that make me very, very happy-- Turtles and strawberries!

Turtles are adorable, and strawberries are delicious, and whilst strawberries can be adorable I don't know about turtles being delicious as I have never eaten one and I don't really want to. Poor turtles. D: But yes! Turtles and strawberries!

Turtles may get their name from the middle English words tortuse or tortuce or tortuge. It might perhaps come from the late Latin tartaruchus "of the underworld" which is a little morbid but kind of funny. I mean I always liked Pluto/Hades, and he seemed like an okay bloke, so yeah!

Turtles don't lay eggs in water and smaller ones don't really go in the water very much at all though the bigger ones do. They can get really really big and really really old! The oldest sea turtle got to 509 years old! And the biggest sea turtles are the leatherback turtles, and the biggest one of those was 10 ft tall! 10 feet.  So turtles. They're adorable.

Strawberries are hybrid fruits, which is something I didn't know, and they were originally created in France, which is something else I didn't know. The USA produces the most strawberries! Millions of tonnes of strawberries! In 2008, there were over 4 million tonnes of strawberries produced in the world. Strawberries are an aphrodisiac, so it makes you think about over population problems. But we're not thinking about overpopulation, because this is a happy place, dammit!