Balloons are today's topic! Aren't they happy and zappy and bright? Balloons are really cool and really useful, used in meteorology, military defense and transportation, but I'll mostly be using pictures of happy rubber balloons.

Balloons can really brighten things up, can't they? They were most likely invented as a side effect of experiments to do with gases by Michael Faraday in 1824, and early balloons were made out of pig bladders!! Modern balloons are made of Latex which is apparently a vegetable.

The bang made when a balloon bursts is actually the sound of the latex popping back to it's pre-inflated size at the speed of sound.

In conclusion balloons are very pretty and colourful.


  1. Balloons...such nifty, happy things.

    Charlie, stay strong. Don't let the people outside of the window wear you down. You were right when you said you are strong. You can weather this. You are not alone.

  2. Charlie, what kinds of supplies have you got in your home? Perhaps you can use whatever you have in there to actually bring to fruition some of the happy things you're talking about here...it's worth a shot...


  3. Well, I wouldn't say people. Considering trying balloons next.

    SR, if I was at home half my problems wouldn't be problems, and the other half wouldn't be mine.

  4. When I'm feeling down I like to make costumes and masks because Halloween is fun and exciting whatever your age is. Happy masks ward away bad things: