lloook at themmm so cute ssuch cutte annimmals

do theey not ressstore your faith the world is okayy


  1. Leaning a bit heavily on the keys there, Charlie, you all right?
    That is, as all right as you can be?

  2. Aww the puppy dogs. They shouldn't be wearing clothing, and yet they are.
    What a lovely monocle, Sir Fuzzily Snausages the Thirds.

    That you for sharing, Charlie. How's the "weather" outside?

  3. no, not alright.

    But it's always worse outside.

    Puppy dogs and kittens and fluffy things. Just not out there or in here. Not for me

    Why am I even still typing? It just hurts.

    Fuck you dad.

    And you can fuck off too you monster, at least until you get a face.

    I just want to see the sun again.

  4. It will be all right, maybe not now, maybe not soon, but eventually. It WILL be all right.

    Charlie, if I may ask, why are you saying that to your dad? What did he do?
    It's all right if you don't want to tell us.