Pandas! How could you not be happy looking at pandas! They're so cute and fluffy and silly and playful!
 The panda has become almost a symbol for China and shows up a lot on its coins, alongside dragons. Which is pretty epic. They live mostly on the lowlands and eat a lot of bamboo.
 Pandas! I mean how could they not keep you happy?
 Pandas! Unless you start thinking about them being killed and how there are only like three thousand left and even if they're on the rise there's not enough certainty for them to be moved from endangered to vulnerable. And how they can't adapt so they'll probably die out despite best efforts to the contrary. Yes. Don't think about that. Just think about how cute they are now..


  1. You know what you need:

  2. I agree with the comment above--if that doesn't make ya laugh,nothin' will!Keep your chin up,lad/lass!!

  3. Where are you Charlie? Do you know? Or are you lost? Can you hear the voices?

  4. I should totally order some, even if the delivery guy will not know where I am, not know how to get here, and would kill him or herself before getting here.

    Amrith, doing my best.

    Candle; I know vaguely where I am, just not geographically. I guess lost is a way of saying it. And I can hear some voices, but I'm not sure what they're a symptom of or if they're not a symptom at all.