See, not mad, I fixed it.

You see guys, I've been busy lately. Really really busy. Busy bee! Maybe the next post will be about bees haha~ oh god Because you see I had to try and clean up the blood because it's still all over the walls and if the faceless guy in the nice suit comes over for tea, well, he's going to be very put off. Nothing like an unclean home or prison to put someone off their tea. I mean it's so messy here, messy messy messy. So I had to fix it all up! All the blood off the walls. It was all over the kitchen. Ed wasn't very neat when he shot himself. He had two kids, he told me that he had two kids, and that his wife died and he was their only caretaker. But he had to shoot himself, you see, because it's only polite to kill yourself before the man comes. But his blood got all over the kitchen. Lysol didn't get it out and neither did the lemon soapy water or the bleach which really hurt my hands and I got chemical burns but then I tried the wire scrubbing brush and that didn't work either.

And then Ed was outside the window he was outside the window. Well I told him to not be outside the window, reason being, he is dead. My hands were all burned  and he said I could get rid of the blood if I cut the skin off my hands, so I tried it with my left hand it hurt worse why did I do it fuck. Anyway I've been busy since that only made more blood everywhere everyone is dead.

Next post will be about bees! Or soap. Or maybe even lemons! XD :D D D D ddddddfc  or there won't be another post god please help me someone please...


  1. Charlie... dude, are you... ok? who is this Ed and where did he comes from?

  2. Oh god Charlie, please be okay. Don't trust Ed anymore. Obviously. Or any other dead people outside your window.

    Please promise you'll post again soon, M'kay?


  3. Dead people shouldn't be talking to you. That is just the man trying to get you.

    Dead people don't talk.

  4. Not okay at all. Ed was just some guy from Baltimore, but does that matter?

    I'll post again soonish. I don't think I'm going to trust Ed anymore.

    You tell them that.