Mistletoe is a pretty plant.

It mostly grows in trees, but it also grows in bushes-- it's a hemi-parasitic plant, so it uses other plants to grow right. There are loads of different types of mistletoe, but the original one that was called "mistletoe" first came from Europe. Mistletoe might come from the old English word for basil, which is weird because mistletoe is toxic.

Mistletoe commonly reduces the growth of its host tree, or even kills it if the infestation it particularly heavy.

Mistletoe is often thought to be the Golden Bough of Aeneas in Roman and Greek mythology.  Mistletoe was also used to symbolize the "divine male essence." Why... I think can be figured out.

The Celts believed that to put mistletoe over the door of a house it'd protect the house from harm. The mistletoe had to be picked by a Druid with a golden sickle and couldn't be touched by human hands. The mistletoe above the door could "go off" and that'd bring bad luck on the house.

Mistletoe has to do with Christmas, and everybody loves Christmas, even the Christmases where you get a lump of coal and then your dad tells you Santa isn't real but the monster is, and your mother isn't there to correct him.

Yes. Everyone likes Christmas.

Uhh and also thanks to you people commenting. I can't even say how much it means to be in contact with people. Makes me happy!

So tired.


  1. Having regular communications with people is pretty awesome. :D

    So many interesting facts about mistletoe! I had no idea it could be such a colorful plant.


  2. Oh dear Charlie, Stay strong and keep thinking happy thoughts. I hope you are doing better today.

  3. Diana; Yup, I do like talking to people. :3 It's good for you!

    Nor did I! It's an important plant as well.

    You know the monster, I'm fairly certain. He's... He's around.

    Doing much better, Mrs. Dowey, thank you!