Does anyone know where I can find life's manager? Because Portal references are hilarious and are totally keeping my mind from this current situation. God they're just trying to help stop it. But how is anyone supposed to help?
See I wasn't joking when I said that lemons would be the next entry because while lemons themselves are not too happy they are yellow, which is a happy colour, and they clean things, and you can make lemonade and sherbert lemons and lemon meringue pie. You don't even like meringue. 

Lemons are a key ingredient in many dishes across the world and probably entered European consciousness in the first century AD. It probably came from a hybrid between the sour orange and le citron ohoho. 

Christopher Columbus introduced lemons to America in 1493.

Lemons have a use in aromatherapy as a mood enhancer, and are anti-bacterial due to their low pH.   

the halls are empty but for blood and the equipment we were supposed to use but I can't think about it or I'll end up like Ed. hide my pleas and laugh because otherwise I'm dead.

There was a restraining order you know, dad. 


  1. Did you know yellow is a color commonly associated with fear?

    Food for thought. Like the lemons.

  2. Yellow symbolizes sickness in many works of literature; for example in the short story "The Yellow Wallpaper" and the use of the colour in Crime and Punishment.

    Fear and sickness, but at least it looks like sunshine.

    No. It really hurts. At least it's not infected.

  3. As an aside, The King In Yellow?


    so many connections