Turtles and Strawberries

Okay, so today I will be covering two subjects that make me very, very happy-- Turtles and strawberries!

Turtles are adorable, and strawberries are delicious, and whilst strawberries can be adorable I don't know about turtles being delicious as I have never eaten one and I don't really want to. Poor turtles. D: But yes! Turtles and strawberries!

Turtles may get their name from the middle English words tortuse or tortuce or tortuge. It might perhaps come from the late Latin tartaruchus "of the underworld" which is a little morbid but kind of funny. I mean I always liked Pluto/Hades, and he seemed like an okay bloke, so yeah!

Turtles don't lay eggs in water and smaller ones don't really go in the water very much at all though the bigger ones do. They can get really really big and really really old! The oldest sea turtle got to 509 years old! And the biggest sea turtles are the leatherback turtles, and the biggest one of those was 10 ft tall! 10 feet.  So turtles. They're adorable.

Strawberries are hybrid fruits, which is something I didn't know, and they were originally created in France, which is something else I didn't know. The USA produces the most strawberries! Millions of tonnes of strawberries! In 2008, there were over 4 million tonnes of strawberries produced in the world. Strawberries are an aphrodisiac, so it makes you think about over population problems. But we're not thinking about overpopulation, because this is a happy place, dammit!

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