Cherry Blossoms

Cherry blossoms! Aren't they pretty?

Cherries are really interesting/important. They were first brought to Rome in 72 BC by Lucius Licinius Lucullus. They were later introduced to England by Henry the Eighth, who tasted them in Flanders. Turkey produces the most cherries in the world, with the United States not far behind. Pliny the Elder recognized that dried cherries have some health benefits.

Now as for cherry blossoms, well, they're really interesting and really important. Cherry trees have long, pretty limbs (unlike the trees around here, I mean, trees arent supposed to have handso r rottingfles hor or) really clean and shiny, though that might just be because people like cherry trees! Since they're so pretty, people tend to keep cherry trees in good condition.

Cherry trees are important in Japanese symbolism, because they mean ~love~. Seriously?

They also traditionally symbolize a beautiful life and a quick death, and are used in all sorts of Japanese media, including currency. This has led to thousands of poorly written Mary Sues having the name Sakura. Japan either needs apologies or needs to apologize! XD

In World War II, cherry blossoms were used to motivate the people and stir nationalism up, and cherry trees were planted like flags to claim territory for Japan.

Cherry blossoms!


  1. The cracks are beginning to show. Be strong kid you can do it

  2. How pretty. But I'd avoid trees in general if I were you.

  3. Thank you for your comments. I'll use them to paste up the cracks and keep trying.

    Around here there are no problems avoiding trees. I try to avoid going outside in general, honestly.