Daww. It's a baby giraffe, isn't it cute?

I love giraffes! They're majestic alone but all weird and awkward the minute you compare them to someone else, like a romance novel or the average human being. The name of the giraffe was originally "camelopard", itself derived from "camel leopard" which is a bit of a rubbish name, really. They don't really look like camels or leopards, 'cause they're so weird looking, but adorable! They live in central to southern Africa, and they eat the twigs of trees, which is why they have such long necks. Giraffes cannot swim! I am not sure why it is necessary for that fact to be important, but apparently it's important enough for there to be a study about it.

A lady giraffe is pregnant for between 400 and 460 days, which as a doctor I can say I'm glad that humans do not have that gestation period.

Arab prophets and poets considered giraffes to be "the queen of beasts" which is kinda symbolically accurate I suppose. They're brought to zoos everywhere, so there must be some merit to them. Yeah! I mean they're weird, right? Entertaining! Funny! Fun! :3

Also, apparently they can fight.

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