Grimace rictus grin

Grimace rictus
rictus grin
I'll smile the smile of the dead
one more shot of morphine
no painkillers after
only the grin and the paintings I drew
I drew all over the walls pretty happy pictures because I'm smiling
keeping him out
tentacles reaching in at the corners
but they'll stay away

running on empty
rictus gaping grin of the mouth as of birds. birds?
grimace a facial expression, often ugly or contorted, used to express pain pain?I
rictus grimace grimace rictus
 my muscles hurt and I just want it all to end
but I want to go back home and grab a drink
think of home
think of bed
and smile

la la la little black sheep hmmm


  1. Have you tried a mask?

  2. I enjoy the irony of this post juxtaposed next to the blog title.