The Knife

She was right next to me, and everyone else was gone, and she could have survived. She was strong, she could have survived. I was losing it all trying to scrub Rob off the walls, and I could see him out the window and he wanted me to go and play. The blood was everywhere, they were all dead, and Amy was surviving. She could have survived.  But she saw the others, they were outside, they were dead, tapping on the window, but they were dead. I couldn't handle it. I couldn't.

I'm sorry. I'm sorry I'm sorry I'm sorry.

I mean, the knife was in my hand, I was going to bleed myself out, throw myself into the fire, I was going to make sure there was nothing left, I was going to die, I needed to die, I deserved to die, because I didn't save them, I'm a doctor, I didn't save any of them and I was supposed to but they were bleeding they were bleeding everywhere and nineteen year olds aren't supposed to be dead thirty year olds aren't supposed to be dead. Not supposed to die far from home, far from families, far from lovers, far from parents and siblings and sons and daughters. Not supposed to die empty and mad. And I had the knife to my hand and she took my hand and she said she said I had to kill her

no she didn't I'm just a murderer

the knife was in my hand

She put the knife against her neck and told me to watch the corners

I put the knife against her neck, but she asked me to, she said she wanted to die, but she couldn't kill herself. She said she wanted me to live.

No yes

She let me put the knife and I felt her blood and I burned her body but I saved her because the body was burned and she couldn't become like what happened to the others. See the tall man, he takes their bodies and he captures them and they scream forever. She's saved, she's not like the ones outside, she doesn't want me to die and go with them so I can't die, because Amy is safe. dead, dead and safe.

put the knife against her chest she bled I have to clean it all up have to clean the walls mr thin is coming to tea and he's so fussy so clean so surgical help me


  1. Charlie. No one in the history of this earth, unless they have had experiences with Mr. Thin themselves can know the pain you were going through. However, Charlie, I hope we hear from you again. And maybe, just maybe, Mr. Thin might protect you from this "Concerned Parent" Only because, It's Mr. Thin's rightful place to do what "A Concerned Parent" Is doing.

  2. Was Wrong, Kind OfJuly 14, 2011 at 6:55 PM

    I was close, at least.

    So, you killed Amy. The monster is outside, trying to get in, and you killed Amy to save her. How many of the people there did you "save", Charlie?

    The only thing keeping you from being the monster here is the one outside your door and "Concerned Parent's" hand in this. What was the experiment?

  3. I can't pretend that I blame you for this, because anything is better than being a plaything for Mr Thin. None of this would be happening if he didn't exist.

    Charlie, how did you get to that house? What is the experiment you're involved in? How long has this been going on?

  4. Ok. I'm just going to go out on a limb here and assume that Mr. Thin has come over and done something unthinkable.

    Let me see if I can annoy Mr. Thin enough so that he might be able to fashion a response to me some how.

    Mr. Thin you are terrible. Not to mention that you have the worst look ever. Maybe you might need $20 to get your suit dry cleaned one day, you dirty mongrel. How long has it been, 100 years since your suit has been cleaned? ANSWER ME MR. THIN!

  5. Shabby, are you seriously trying to get yourself killed?

  6. Well, if I can get Mr. Thin's attention, we might finally be given something to identify Mr. Thin's motives. Anyway, whilst Mr. Thin is focusing on me, Charlie might finally get a and pull himself together. If I get killed in the process, then I will have at least learned Mr. No-faces' wrath.

  7. Or it will just rape your mind and your family's minds until complete chaos breakouts. It will make your mother dismember your father. It will force you to cook your siblings alive and feed them to your dog. It will break everything you thought had structure.

    And then, when everyone you know has become mindless, bloodlusting animals or dead, it will come for you. It will fashion a bag from your skin and use it to collect the organs it plucks from your body. It will use your hair as string to hold the sack together and use your blood to dye it red.

    Only when it's done are you allowed to die.

  8. As much as that seems like a pretty surefire thing that mr thin will do to me, I want to see his response to us. Or even or Charlie or "a concerned parent" feels about it. I'm still waiting for anything from anyone.

    Especiay you two, concerned parent and Mr. thin! Hurry and show
    Me something you mongrels!

    Sorry if there is major grammar and/or spelling mistakes in this, I'm on my iPhone. However I don't Apollgise if any of the spelling mistakes happen to be on Mr. Thin's name.

  9. Don't give up Charlie. Please don't give up.

  10. A Concerned ParentJuly 17, 2011 at 4:11 PM

    You people are so sweet. Trying to bring the Tall Man to you to give Charlie a chance? What made you think he had a chance even without the Slender Man? Anonymous is correct in any case, the Tall Man is coming for all of us like the beating of the drum. The experiment was for the purposes of studying him and preparing a defense, as well as to study that particular corner of the world.

  11. The experiment was for the purposes of studying him and preparing a defense, as well as to study that particular corner of the world.

    My god, I knew you were stupid. But I didn't know you were this stupid. I'm stunned that you have the brain capacity to type coherently when this is the shit you choose to put out. Even dumb animals know better than you.

    Let it be on your head then. The consequences of this idiocy will make itself known to you, whether now, soon, or much, much later.

    What made you think he had a chance even without the Slender Man?

    I see. So you would have murdered your own child in the end? or maybe just kept him alive enough to use as an outlet for your own degenerate pleasures until he begged to death.

    There is no defense against the Slender Man. Ultimately, there is no escape. Maybe you'll learn that soon.